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    How to Use this Site

    Post by Henry on Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:51 am

    This topic will tell you how to use this site and more. Please read this carefully!

    What is a post?
    A post is a user-created object, such as this explanation itself.

    How do I post a new topic?
    You can post a new topic by clicking on this icon:

    You need to be logged in and registered to be able to post new topics.

    How do I post a reply?
    Well first of all, you need to be registered here and logged in at Chill Chat. After that, you can post a reply by clicking on a button that looks like this:

    If a topic is locked, you cannot make new posts to it. Instead of the normal reply button, you will see a key button which looks like this:

    An error message will display if clicked on. Only Administrators and Moderators can post in a locked topic.

    What is an Avatar?
    An avatar is a personal picture that will appear in every post you make. It will appear underneath your username and it is only allowed at certain sizes.

    What is a Signature?
    A Signature (sig) is personal text and/or images that appear below each post you make if it is enabled by yourself.

    What is Quick reply?
    Quick reply is an option that allows you to post a new message quicker. It can be found at the bottom of each topic providing that the topic is not locked itself.

    What are smileys?
    Smileys are little images that can be used to describe your feelings without the use of words. This is a smiley: Very Happy

    What is the Report feature?
    The report feature is something you can use to report a bad post. Please use it instead of trying to start a fight. Avoid "backseat helping" which is posting like a Moderator when someone has done something wrong. Leave it to the real Moderators. What you are doing is not helping and is also bumping the offending topic to the top of the forum.

    You can report a post by clicking on this icon:

    What is a Sticky?
    A sticky is a special topic which stays at the top of the forum and can be recognised with a "Sticky:" prefix along with this topic icon:

    A sticky usually contains important information. It can be posted in normally like any other topic.

    What is an Annoucement?
    An annoucement is a very important topic. When posted, it will send an email to each member about it. These are only used for very imporant information. Annoucements can be recognised with an "Annoucement:" prefix along with this topic icon:

    An annoucement can be posted in normally like any other topic.

    What is a Quote?
    A quote is a message directed to you. You can quote a post by clicking on the quote button:

    For example:
    Please do not post irrelevant information. Thank you.

    We were directing that message to the person who posted the word "Blah".

    Bad posts and Good posts
    At Chill Chat, we expect each member to make good posts and not bad ones. For example:

    A good post: Sorry, you've posted something irrelevant. Please do not do it again.

    What is a Moderator?
    A Moderator is someone who has been picked by us the staff to help out with the website such as keeping Chill Chat clean and delete inappropriate content.

    Please do not ask for a Moderator position. We will pick them ourselves and asking will ruin your chances of becoming one. We also do not accept recommendations for Helpers.

    How come I can't post a new topic?
    If you can't post a new topic in one of the sections, it is because only special users can post new topics such as the Administrators and/or Moderators.

    What are BBCodes?
    BBCodes are formatting for your posts. Such as bold, underline, italic and strike-through. There are many more and they can be found at the top of the normal reply interface.

    What are moderation colours?
    Moderation colours are only used by staff. Normal members are not allowed to use it. Moderation colours are used to make points stand out. My moderation colour is lime green. Please do not post irrelevant content.

    SMS/IM Language
    Please refrain from the use SMS or IM language. For example:

    SMS/IM Text: itezzz m8 u goin 2 chek out da chatbux?
    Translation: Alright, mate. You going to check out the ChatBox?

    Avoid typing like this. It makes posts harder to read and understand.

    Thanks for reading this. More will be added as issues arrive. We hope you will be a good member of Chill Chat.

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