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    Chill Chat Rules



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    Chill Chat Rules

    Post by Henry on Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:39 am

    Here are the expected standards at Chill Chat. Faliure to comply with these rules will result in gaining infractions for your account. 100 or more valid infractions will get you a ban. Please read this topic carefully, otherwise you may face the consequences. The Moderators and Administrators try very hard to keep Chill Chat well-organised. Thank you.


    1. Do not use Offensive Language. This also inclues heavy flaming or any attempt to bypass the censors. The possible infractions vary from 30-80.

    2. Do not prejudge people, everyone is equal and you do not judge people whether it is their race, their age or their country. Everybody has a free speech. The possible infractions vary from 20-50.

    3. Do not impersonate staff. This is a serious offence, impersonation of staff varies from name copying to PM copying. This is strictly forbidden and will earn you an immediate ban.

    4. Do not start flame wars. If someone has said something that has offended you or something that you didn't like, simply add them to your Foes list and report them to a Forum Moderator or a Forum Administrator. The possible infractions vary from 80-90.

    5. Do not backseat moderate. This means that when someone has posted something which is against the rules, you pretend to be a Forum Moderator and tell them off. Please don't as this bumps the offending topic up to the top of the board. The possible infractions vary from 20-40.

    6. Do not share accounts. More than one person using an account will be prosecuted. This will result in an immediate ban. The reason for why this is forbidden is because it is risky and he/she may change your password and personal Forum details so you are unable to retrieve your account.

    7. Do not post inappropriate content such as porn or illegal things like KeyGens or anything like that. The possible infractions vary from 90 to an immediate ban.

    8. Do not spam, posts containing less than 5 words will be considered. Your message will be delete and you have 10-70 infractions added.

    Note: These rules will change over time. Please keep re-reading them as they will probably change without further notice.

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